Candle "Feelings change memories don&

Candle "Feelings change memories don't"

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8.8cm x 7cm


Perfume: Winter embodies the essence of a pure spirit. This delicate perfume has its timeless character to which we always come back. Winter plays with contrasts and shades to better captivate you. Let yourself be carried away by the meticulous harmony of cinnamon and clove notes, Mixed with the sweetness of freesia, honey and a hint of ginger. Our perfumes are "vegan friendly" without CMR, without phthalates and not tested on animals.

Ingredients: Through an ethical and responsible approach, we guarantee that all the products used to manufacture our candles are carefully selected with the aim of respecting the environment and animals. As a result, our wax is 100% vegetable (Soy). The fragrance oils are "vegan friendly" without CMR, without phthalates and not tested on animals. The wicks are unbleached cotton.

How to use it: Place your candle in a suitable, open place, under supervision, sheltered from the wind and away from children. When you light your candle, we recommend waiting until its entire surface is melted before extinguishing it. In this way, you will prevent the candle from hollowing in the center and no longer being able to burn evenly. We also recommend to always trim the wick to. 0.4mm in height before each new combustion. Never leave your candle lit for more than 4 hours at a time. When there is only one centimeter of wax left in your candle, remember to come back to our site and follow the step: "recycle me".

Recycle me: The jar that contained your candle can be recycled! To do this, simply place it in a pan of hot water to melt the wax residue remaining at the bottom and on the edges. Then empty it, wash it and dry it. Now your pot is ready for a second life! You are free to do what you want with it: pot of cream, pot for pencils/brushes, pot for aromatic plants, etc. Make room for your imagination!


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